La fogata Latina Restaurant

Hey everyone! It has been a really long time since I have been able to post on here! School, work and everything in between have gotten in the way, but I finally found a few minutes to do a quick review! So here it is!

La Fogata Latina Restaurant


La Fogata is quite literally a hole in the wall! My kitchen is quite a bit larger than there entire restaurant! But this lack of space doesn’t stop them from making some of the best Latin food around! One thing to remember is that they are only open 11 am to 6 pm and on Friday nights they open up again at 11pm! Great place to stop by after a night out!


Well from a restaurant standard there really isn’t much to say, its a hole in the wall! Its cramped,hot and has only a few seats, but it makes me feel like I’m traveling through Mexico! Its not somewhere that you sit down for a meal, its somewhere that you grab a quick bite to eat on your way back to the office or your car. Overall I liked the ambience , it really suited the type of food that they serve!


The service was great! Within 2 minutes they took our order and within 10 minutes we had our food! Now it was kinda difficult to communicate with the owners since it seemed like English was a second language, so save everyone the trouble and just order something! Don’t ask a million questions!

The food:

The food, well from the lineup at 11pm and the food we got I can tell you that it is great! Here is what we ordered:

  • Chicken Arepa
  • Pork Arepa

Now when I ordered these, I had no idea what they were! I just knew that it smelled really good! They come served in a corn tortilla with, well, to be perfectly honest I can remember! All I do remember is that they left me wanting more! They were both well balanced in flavour, texture and aroma, and at around $5 a piece, they are a steal!



Go order anything here and you will not be disappointed! It is a great little hole in the wall that will leave you wanting to come back again and again!

3.75 out of 4 stars

Thanks for reading everyone! Make sure you share this page with all your friends!

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